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 Snow  Foam was created by our cooperation with professional developers. It is an active foam based on active molecules that effectively conquer dirt and reduce surface tension, allowing for effective pre-wash. The preparation has a neutral pH and the cleaning will soften the dirt while remaining fully safe for the surface. The foam deals very well even with a stubborn dirt. Our product is safe for every type of surface as well as for waxes and sealants. The foam is dense, stable and abundant at the recommended concentrations. The foam is easy to rinse, so the cleaning is fast and satisfying. The product is very efficient thanks to its high concentration. Remember, you are holding the result of many hours of professionals’ work, who take your work seriously and want to make it exceptionally effective.  

How to use

Directions for use: concentrated product. We recommend that you apply the solution to the surface to be cleaned with manual foamer,  PA foamer or a foam system. Choose the right concentration based on the type of a foamer and water for the desired effect. Apply foam and leave it for a few minutes without letting it dry out.  Rinse the washed surface under high pressure. Do not apply the product to a hot surface of a car. We recommend that you apply a foam in a shady place. Recommended dilution from 1:9 to 1:20 for PA foamer and 1:350 to 1:450 for manual foamers. Use protective gloves when working.

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