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132 Bleu One One-Step (Old and water based coatings)

The abrasive cream 132 Blue One is an innovative product with very high performance, engineered with the latest technologies and premium raw materials, that will let you work without producing any dust.

Optimal in every condition, from removal of sand paper marks on every kind of old or latest VOC compliant or waterborne paint, to the daily quick paint restoring detailing job, always obtaining a safe and fast result easily and with a single step.

The final result will be glossy and shiny, without swirl marks or holograms, without the need of using intermediate products before applying the protective coat.

Sandpaper marks polished will never come back, since the product doesn’t contains greasy substances or waxes that would temporarily hide problems only on the short term.

Doesn’t contain waxes or silicones

Best to apply with the Royal Hard + (One-Step) Pad.

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